Frequently Asked Questions
Are treatments painful?  
We give each patient special attention to alleviate the fears of having dental treatment. Sedation may be an option if you experience severe dental anxiety.

How long will it take to complete all this work?  
We respect each patient’s time.  We strive to seat the patient at his/her appointment time.  We prefer to perform multiple treatments on a visit if the patient allows us.  It reduces the total number of visits for the patient. 

Are treatments expensive?  
It is not if one sincerely wants to maintain good oral function and looks for overall health, smile, and confidence which lead to one’s success.  Actually, the sooner the disease is eradicated, the less expensive it is.We all know that our mouth is the pathway to the rest of our body. Ample research indicates that a diseased mouth condition carries disease to our entire body through our blood stream and through eating. Disease free, healthy mouth provides ample benefits to our cardiovascular system, our GI system, our diabetic control, in pregnancy, good looks and confidence.

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