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Below are some commonly asked questions about LANAP that Dr. Majid has answered. To submit your question about LANAP, complete the form to the right!

Who is a good candidate for LANAP?

Any patient who has the following symptoms of gum or periodontal disease: bleeding gums, swollen gums, painful gums, loose teeth, bad or foul breath. The patient may be experiencing moderate to severe periodontitis. LANAP is alternative to conventional perodontal (gum) surgery. I have had great success treating my patients with LANAP

Patients who are medically compromised with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. benefit from LANAP. Most of these patients also exhibit some form of periodontal disease. The medical research continues to correlate healthy gums/ periodontium to overall general health.

The patient must also be compliant with the LANAP protocol which will be explained to the patient before the patient is treated. The patient must play a major role in combating his/her periodontal disease. It is good to know that the patient actually prefer being a partner in treating his/her periodontal disease by following the LANAP post-operative protocol. It is very encouraging because the patient continue to follow instructions on weekly/ biweekly/monthly/quarterly basis for maintenance which leads to true success of the treatment and overall health of the patient. There is a great deal of motivation by the patient when a patient is educated regarding his/her periodontal health and its treatment, success of treatment and prevention of future disease.

How has this changed how you treat periodontal disease?

I have always had the desire to take extra care of my patients. I take pride in taking the time to educate my patients in prevention of disease and maintenance of their oral health..

I want my patients to know that my aims and goals are to provide them the optimum oral health which will benefit their overall general health. I am constantly improving my clinical skills with continuing dental education and investing in the latest and the best technology such as digital and laser technologies. I feel my patients are the most important people in my life because they choose to trust me by being in my dental chair for consultations and treatments.

I used to refer periodontal disease patients to periodontists. Sometimes I would be frustrated to know that my patients would not seek the conventional periodontal treatment prescribed to them. At times patients felt more comfortable with me and preferred not to go to any one else. Now, I feel really good about the fact that I am able to treat my patients in my office and know that they will benefit from the treatment . 

Why did you invest in LANAP?

I felt a great percentage of patients have some form of periodontal disease. I wanted to benefit my patients with the latest and alternative method of treating periodontal disease. I reviewed the research behind LANAP and felt that a lot of my patients will benefit from LANAP. 

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be trained in this technology and to be able to have the success rate that I have had over the past few years treating the patients with LANAP.

What kind of results have you had so far?

I have been very fortunate. During the past few years, I have had success in all of my cases except in two case. In this case one tooth was extremely questionable and was abutment of a bridge. It had to be extracted. In the second case, the patient left the country to return in approximately six months where another dentist extracted the two teeth that were under treatment.

How does LANAP compare to traditional GTR in terms of results and patient experience?

LANAP results are phenomenal. Very few of my patients experienced a little discomfort the first one to two days. Most of my patients informed me that they did not need to take any pain relievers the next day. The only concern I have is whether the patient will be able to follow the post-operative protocol. 

Surprisingly, most patients enjoy partnering with me in their periodontal treatment and followed post-operative instructions very well.

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